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Our Areas of Counselling

From Everyday Matters to Questions Than Only an Expert Can Answer

Whether at the workplace or in private life – stress, conflict, change, day-to-day concerns, and health problems can lead to stress in different situations. It can be helpful to consider one’s own situation from an outside perspective with the help of a neutral and independent person.

At meinEAP experts from a wide range of areas provide you with support!

Take Advantage of EAP Counselling

Work & Professional Life

Counselling, support and coaching for employees on all issues concerning work and professional life

Family & Relationships

Support for all things concerning marriage, partnership, and family - for you and your relatives

Body & Soul

Assistance in addressing all issues concerning physical and mental balance

Life-Balance & Gesundheit

Hilfe bei gesundheitlichen Belastungen, Krankheit und komplexen Fragestellungen zur Erhaltung Ihres Wohlbefindens, Ihrer Lebensfreude und Ihrer Gesundheit

Critical Life Situations

Support and coaching in challenging situations, both private and professional

Legal & Finance

Professional advice for legally difficult situations, as well as counselling and assistance with financial difficulties

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