Our Areas of Counselling

From Everyday Matters to Questions Than Only an Expert Can Answer

Whether at the workplace or in private life – stress, conflict, change, day-to-day concerns, and health problems can lead to stress in different situations. It can be helpful to consider one’s own situation from an outside perspective with the help of a neutral and independent person.

At meinEAP experts from a wide range of areas provide you with support!


Take Advantage of EAP Counselling

Work & Professional Life

Counselling, support and coaching for employees on all issues concerning work and professional life

Family & Relationships

Support for all things concerning marriage, partnership, and family - for you and your relatives

Body & Soul

Assistance in addressing all issues concerning physical and mental balance

Life Balance & Health

Support with health issues, illness and complex questions on maintaining your well-being, happiness and health

Critical Life Situations

Support and coaching in challenging situations, both private and professional

Legal & Finance

Professional advice for legally difficult situations, as well as counselling and assistance with financial difficulties

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