Frequent Topics from Practice

Some Examples Where meinEAP Made a Difference

A wide range of concerns can burden our day-to-day life and throw us off balance. meinEAP provides another perspective on things and often finds surprising approaches, custom-tailored to your situation.

Find out how counselling proceeds.


Everyday Hassles and Family Stress

An Example from the Counselling Area Personal & Private

“It was very reassuring to see how counselling helped my daughter. It’s great that I can use Employee Assistance for my family too!”

Conflicts at the Workplace

An Example from the Counselling Area Personal & Private

“For the first time I was made aware of how helpful it is to consider a situation from an outside perspective.“

Feeling the Blues

An Example from the Counselling Area Mental Health

“The discussion helped give me strength and courage to find a solution for myself.”


What Employees Are Saying About the Employee Assistance Program

“It was great to speak to someone who is independent and has a neutral perspective of the situation. I should have way earlier”.

“It was helpful to have someone listen to me in a non-judgemental way and not judge me for my thoughts and feelings.”

“Sometimes it helps to look at one’s own situation from another perspective. I would never have been able to do that without help from the counsellors. With the outside viewpoint, we jointly discovered many new ways how to handle the situation.“

“Without these talks I would not be as capable of handling my issues  . Thank you very much.“


Other Issues

Indebtedness Relationship problems Legal questions Psychosomatic symptoms Financial concerns Burnout Conflicts in the work environment Work stress Eldercare Dependency & addiction Marital crisis Depressive moods Caring for children