Conflicts at the Workplace

Do you have issues with your supervisor?

“For the first time I was made aware of how helpful it is to consider a situation from an outside perspective.“

How Counselling Could Work


For some time, Thomas has felt unfairly treated by his supervisor. Even though he would like settle this conflict, he avoids the discussion. Rather than speaking calmly, he fears he will level serious accusations at his supervisor.


Counselling helps work out just what is bothering Thomas. Anger is considered a major indicator of perceiving that someone has crossed a line. Together with a counsellor they look into what lies behind the anger. They discuss and prepare a constructive talk and specific wording with the supervisor.

Subsequent Actions

Thomas better understands his own reaction and feels well prepared to talk about his concern with his supervisor. The talk with his supervisor is held in a professional manner and leads to the desired clarification.


Three hours of counselling


Coach / psychologist