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Everyday Hassles and Family Stress

meinEAP Also Offers Support for First-Degree Family Members

   “It was very reassuring to see how counselling helped my daughter. It’s wonderful that I can use the Employee Assistance Program for my family too!“

How Counselling Could Work


Andrea gets in touch because her family situation has become out of control. Her daughter Marie (14 years old) has test anxiety and suffers blackouts during exams. The family is entirely preoccupied with the daugther´s anxiety and under stress. Especially prior to the daugther´s exams. Doctor´s sick certificates are used to miss exam dates. 



During joint counselling with Marie her exact anxiety triggers are identified. The sense and "mechanics" of feelings of anxiety are elucidated, and hindering core assumptions checked. The reaction of the parents is also scrutinised. Together they work out strategies to help Marie manage her anxiety and prepare for the coming exams. 


Subsequent Actions

She practises the desired strategies at home and applies them at school. Marie successfully passes the next exam and the situation at home relaxes. 



Four hours of counselling 



Child an youth therapist / family counsellor



Access to your protected area.

If your employer is a customer at INSITE, you will be taken to the area reserved exclusively for your company. Log in with your access data and start the consultation individually within the scope of the EAP.

User name and password can be found on your EAP card or on your intranet.