Feeling the Blues

“The discussion helped give me strength and courage to find a solution for myself”.

How Counselling Could Work


Michael has problems in his private life and his job, and the GP has certified him unfit for work due to depression. He peers dejectedly into the future and does not enjoy things as before.


Firstly, Michael’s symptoms are discussed, and when and how they vary. They furthermore look into what Michael is still capable of and what works well for him. They jointly derive measures to help Michael get out of his funk as soon as possible.

Subsequent Actions

It has become clear to Michael that things are not as bad as they seem and that he feels dismal largely due to his own negative assessments.

Short-term strategies are worked out (daily schedule, physical activity, dealing with phases of brooding and sleep disturbances). Moreover, mid- and long-term strategies are devised, in particular for checking and changing the negative self-assessments. Michael also discussed potential medicinal support with the counsellor.



Five counselling hours


Psychologist / psychotherapist