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Latifa Baddour, EAP counsellor at INSITE
I am always amazed at the power of good counselling.
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Kerstin Zimmermann, EAP counsellor at INSITE
Quick help – while custom-tailored to the individual.
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Es ist toll, welche neuen Möglichkeiten durch die Beratung entstehen.
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For every topic we try to find the optimal solution.
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Welcome to Your Employee Assistance

meinEAP Provides You with Precisely Those Experts You May Need at Any Given Moment.

Living and working in times of change under ever changing challenges and constant uncertainty – this shapes our lives in the 21st century. Precarious situations can arise during the workday and in the personal and family environment. This can cause stress, lead to exhaustion and affect physical and mental health.

In such cases it is helpful to speak to an independent expert and identify new perspectives. There you can work out effective solution strategies together with our counsellors and learn to see yourself from an outside perspective.

Stay balanced with meinEAP!

EAP Helps With ...

Work & Professional Life

from stress to work overload

Family & Relationships

from questions about parenting to marital crises

Body & Soul

from sleeping problems to addiction and burnout


Life Balance & Health

from self-management to helping you find therapy

Critical Life Situations

from everyday stress to emergencies and crises

Legal & Finance

from legal questions to budget advice

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This Is How EAP Helps

meinEAP Puts the Right Advisor at Employees’ Sides for Every Concern.


Employee Counselling Is This Simple

From Initial Contact to Successful Problem Solving