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It works like this

From Establishing Contacts to Solving Problems

Successful Counselling in Three Steps

1) Have you received an EAP cardfrom your employer?

Log in to your protected area and take advantage of the services of meinEAP - free of charge.

2) Depending on your topic and your preference, you can choose among telephoneface-to-face, or online counselling - depending on the range of services booked.

Just send us an email or pick up the phone and give us a ring.

3) After the initial contact your reason for calling will be clarified and an appropriate counsellordesignated.

EAP Counselling Proceeds as Follows

Help for Self-Help – Maintain or Regain Control of Yourself

Dr. Becker, Owner of INSITE

“Our clients often feel they have lost control over part of their lives. Help for self-help then becomes an important part of our counselling approach. We strive for our clients to write their own script and regain control over their lives, and to experience being capable of taking action again.

We operate on the assumption that people can maintain their own sense of balance and organise themselves. But there are life situations when balance is off and one feels kind of disoriented and disempowered. Then maybe we need some advice. Sometimes from a friend; or perhaps others from a professional, a psychologist or a coach. The intention of every single counselling session is to improve the capacity to control one’s behaviour.“


Access to your protected area.

If your employer is a customer at INSITE, you will be taken to the area reserved exclusively for your company. Log in with your access data and start the consultation individually within the scope of the EAP.

User name and password can be found on your EAP card or on your intranet.