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The Most Important Questions and Answers on EAP Counselling

Here please find the most important questions and answers on EAP counselling so that we can quickly assist you on an individual basis.

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How confidential is the Employee Assistance Program?

All counselling is 100% confidential! No one will know that you or a family member have made use of our counselling service, not even your employer.

Penal and employment law provisions obligate all of our counsellors to professional secrecy.

Have I even come to the right place with my concern?

Every issue is important. And every situation is entirely individual. 
As soon as you feel that something is burdening you, that you dwell on it and see no way out on your own, we will assist you in finding a suitable solution.

Can family members also use the programme?

All services from meinEAP are not only free of charge to employees of our client companies, but include first-degree relatives as well as persons living in the household. This means there are no costs for employees and their families seeking assistance.

Is meinEAP really free of charge? Do I have to pay part of the counselling myself?

All EAP services of INSITE (meinEAP) are free of charge for employees of our client companies and their relatives. This means there is no charge for employees and their families seeking assistance.

Does my employer have meinEAP?

To find out if your employer offers EAP from INSITE (meinEAP), please contact us.

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Access to your protected area.

If your employer is a customer at INSITE, you will be taken to the area reserved exclusively for your company. Log in with your access data and start the consultation individually within the scope of the EAP.

User name and password can be found on your EAP card or on your intranet.