The Most Important Questions and Answers on EAP Counselling

We will gladly guide you step by step through the registration process.

You can find the instructions here.

You do not need to register or log in to receive general counselling at meinEAP. You can also contact us by phone or email. You will receive the contact details from your employer.

Logging in/registering on the platform is necessary if you want to contact us digitally via our secure online platform and access further company-specific content.

Every counselling is 100% confidential! No one will know that you or your loved ones have used our services, not even your employer. All counsellors are bound to professional secrecy by criminal and labour law.

Every issue is important, and every situation is individual. Whenever you have the feeling that something is burdening you, that you keep thinking about and can’t see a way out of, we’ll help you find a good solution.

EAP is not just for the employees of our corporate customers, but also for their immediate family members and people living in their household. That means there are no costs for you or your loved ones.

All EAP services are free for our corporate customers’ employees and their immediate family members. That means there are no costs for employees or their families.

No, consultation is 100% confidential! We just need the name of your employer, so we know what account to credit you to. If desired you can talk to us anonymously and use a pseudonym.

In that case we would refer you further (referral for additional services e.g. specialists, therapy). If there is a need for further counselling, our guide service supports you with finding suitable experts within the health care system and helps with the organisation of further steps – from request to finding an appointment.

The counselling is done by a qualified expert with academic qualifications in either psychology, medicine, or sociology. All of them have scientifically substantiated trainings in a solution-orientated counselling method and professional experience of many years.

Depending on the counselling topic, you might be talking to experts of specific topics, e.g. a lawyer regarding legal questions or a finance expert regarding financial issues.

We are available for you at all times, 365 days a year. You can always talk to a counsellor when you call us. In case of crises and emergencies, please find our contacts details under “Emergency Contact”.

The easiest way to send us a request for a specialist appointment is via our online message or by e-mail, ideally with the most important information about the treatment you need and where we can look for you.